Springfit unveils its ultra glamorous range of mattress – ‘Autograph Collection’
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Springfit unveils its ultra glamorous range of mattress – ‘Autograph Collection’

Springfit mattress , country’s leading brand of premium and progressive sleep accessories and solutions, has unveiled its latest range of premium and ultra glamourous mattress – Autograph Collection. Endorsed by Bollywood power couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, the new range is designed to ensure 6 hours of complete sleep.

Made with all natural materials like viscose fabric, natural latex and organic fabrics, the Autograph Collection comes with the unique Mdi foam, a new technology in mattress industry which ensures the product is highly breathable and has no toxic residues for a healthy sleep. As a brand that cares for the health of its customers, the new collection offers firm and best in class  spine support.

Leading Bollywood actress and SpringFit Brand Ambassador Bipasha Basu said, ‘ When we talk about health and fitness, sleep is an important part . We need complete physical and mental rest and for that the right posture while sleeping is important. This is where a good mattress comes in. It increases your efficiency, recharges your body and makes you young. Springfit not only provides comfort but is a luxurious brand and that is why we thought of associating with it.’

Commenting on the launch , Mr. Nitin Gupta,  Executive Director, Springfit Mattress, said, ‘ As a trusted Indian brand for many years, we believe in raising the bar with every new launch. Staying true to our belief  and backed with a deep understanding of Indian consumers, the latest Autograph Collection is designed to ensure 6 hours of complete sleep, keeping pace with today’s lifestyle trends. On the design front, it ups the style quotient to a different level with an array of vibrant colors which is an industry first. With such an irresistible combination of functionality and style, the Autograph Collection we believe will be a trendsetter in the Indian mattress market.’

Available in an array of vibrant colors, the Autograph Collection comes in thickness of 178 mm and 229 mm and available in all sizes.  Priced at Rs 55000 and going up to Rs. 95000, the product will be available across all leading stores of India.

About Spring Fit

Springfit is India’s most premium and progressive sleep accessories and solutions brand. lts wide range of high quality spring mattresses has set new benchmarks in quality and luxury. its distinctive brand positioning of being the only mattress designed for ‘Stress Free Sleep’ is strongly entrenched with consumers and trade. Springfit range of mattress goes beyond spring mattress and includes imported latex mattress, memory foam mattress, micro pocketed spring mattress, Back support Ortholife mattress, complete bedding products, mattress protectors, body pillows, feather pillows, memory foam contour pillows, etc. to cover an entire range of consumer aspirations.

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