Goddess Danteshwari In Dantewada Is One Of The 52 Shakti Peethas
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Goddess Danteshwari In Dantewada Is One Of The 52 Shakti Peethas

We all have heard a lot of story about Shakti Peethas, among those divine stories here is one of Goddess Danteshwari. Maa Danteshwari in Dantewada is one among the 52 Shakti Peethas. A known thing about this temple is that it was built in 14th century by Chalukyas of the south, also the place Dantewada is named after the Goddess Danteshwari. Maa Danteshwari is the presiding diety of Kakatiya rulers and  traditionally she is the Kuldevi of Bastar State.

Recently I got the chance to visit this temple. It was an amazing soulful experience I had in this blissful place.

Pic Credit: Hindu Devotional Blog


Located in Dantewada, south-west of Jagdalpur, at the intersection of the blessed rivers Shankini and Dhankini, both the streams have diverse colors, this six-hundred-year-old sanctuary is one of the antiquated legacy destinations of India and is a representation of the religio-socio-social history of the Bastar locale.

It is trusted that a tooth of Sati had fallen here and Danteshwari Shakti Peetha was set up. As indicated by the antiquated legend, Goddess Sati conferred self-immolation in the fire pit of yagna kund, because of an affront submitted by her dad Daksha towards her partner Lord Shiva amid the Yaga. Seethed by the demise of Sati, Lord Shiva demolished the Yaga of Daksha and with the body of Sati in his hand began to do ‘Taandav’. Lord Vishnu cut the dead assemblage of Goddess Sati with his Sudarshan to free Lord Shiva from the pain brought about by her passing. Parts of the dead body of Goddess Sati were scattered to fifty-two better places, which were sanctified as Shakti Pithas.


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