Experience The Traditional Tribal Markets Of Dantewada
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Experience The Traditional Tribal Markets Of Dantewada

How colors speak and how you can find out the hard work and sorrow behind these forefront colors of your surroundings? Have you ever wondered what kind of life people living in the tribal areas lead? My recent experience in Dantewada has got me close to watch how local tribal people earn while putting up their stalls in the market place and how cheerful they seems to be.

The tribes of Dantewada are mostly non-veggie lovers, they constantly take alcohol, paje (a non-dangerous fluid planning produced using water and little measure of cooked rice), Sulphi (Intoxic alcohol gathered from a tall palm like tree), Landa (a harmful fluid arrangement produced using water, Madiya, Rice and Corn). Kosra (a sort of grain like rice), rice, Madiya are their primary sustenance grains.

The tribes of Dantewada wear extremely constrained garments, The Tribal women improve themselves with Khosa (delightful bolt of interlace), Khinwa in ears (Ear tops), Phuli on Nose (a hanging ring sort adornment made with gold or silver). The tribal women adorn their neck with Garland of Karipot (Black Pearl), Chapsari (an overwhelming jewelry), Muhar Mala (A wreath made with coins).They likewise wear Chude, Chudiya (bangles) produced using Gold, Silver, Brass, Alluminium, Clay, Lead and Wood. They tattoo their skins with various designs.

Glimpse from the Nakulnar Tribal Market, Dantewada, Chattisgarh:

Glimpse from the Bhansi Tribal Market, Dantewada, Chattisgarh:

It was really an unbelievably awesome experience I had with everything over there. 🙂

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