Dantewada- A Place Less Known!
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Dantewada- A Place Less Known!

Dantewada District, otherwise called Dantewara District or Dakshin Bastar District (South Bastar District), is an area in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Dantewada is the locale base camp. The area is a piece of Bastar Division. Until 1998, the Dantewada District was a tehsil of the bigger Bastar District.

Starting at 2011 it is the third minimum crowded locale of Chhattisgarh (out of 18), after Narayanpur and Bijapur.

Believe it or not but the progress of Dantewada, Chattisgarh is quite better than any other town, city or village in other states of India. Government there is really doing a great and superb job. This is the reason Palnar, A village in Dantewada has become the first Cashless Village of India.

Palnar village is located in Kuakonda Tehsil of Dakshin Bastar Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh, India. It is situated 13km away from sub-district headquarter Kuwakonda and 36km away from district headquarter Dantewada. As per 2009 stats, Palnar village is also a gram panchayat.

Dantewada District has an Education City, which is developed in 100 Acres. This is one of the best initiave taken by the government in the education sector that has been appreciated by many educationist, bureaucrats and politicians.

The goal of education city/center point is to show one to think seriously and to think basically. Insight in addition to character – that is the vision behind education city/center point. Education center point/city is resolved to make a protected education environment in the district, through a exhibition impact. Education center point/city has been made arrangements for youngsters from in reverse towns to set them up to qualify entrance techniques/exams of restorative and building and other proficient courses, by encouraging them with private grounds. Primary purpose of the venture is to make such understudies in this area by conferring them qualitative education and profession direction and to make a superior future for the understudies, additionally to set a case as a provincial focal point of expert and quality education. Offspring of these grounds would be given all such offices which are important for the educational, physical and additionally scholarly advancement. The thought is to create display world class focuses of educational and social advancement as well as Technical Education. The educational center point would advance the games ability by giving the world class sports preparing offices. The point is to realize real expertise advancement, which brings about progressed employability and associative enhanced personal satisfaction. The endless loop of poor science education and along these lines less specialists and designers would be broken by this exceptional analysis which will fill in as a vital demonstrator to the entire district of south bastar (Dantewada) to the beneficial outcome of education. In this way weaning the more youthful era far from the weapon towards pen and brighter future.

So, this is an astonishing Dantewada in Chattisgarh, India. <3 🙂

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